Making Quick Service Quicker

Hellometer makes your restaurant more efficient and easier to manage by measuring each guest's experience.

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Church's Chicken
Miguel's Jr.
Halo Burger
Take 5

The world's best drive-thru timer

The only dining room timer surveillance

All for the price you're already spending on security anyway

Drive-Thru Timer & Monitor

Goodbye vehicle loops! Our camera based drive-thru timer gives you the complete and accurate story of every guest's experience, from the moment they pull into your lot.

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Dining Room Timer

Apply our breakthrough timer technology to your dining room. For the first time, accurately track the service speed of every guest “from door to dine” and manage your lobby like your drive-thru.


Upgrade your security system to HD, high frame rate video, loaded with loss prevention features. All your locations available from anywhere in the world.

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Why use Hellometer?

47s faster wait times

Improved service times lead to increased guest satisfaction and gives employees more time to focus on other duties.

7s = 1% increase in revenue

For every 7s off wait times, owners see 1% increase in revenue. For some of our customers, that's about $30k/year.

Easy & effective

Installation is as easy as putting up a camera. AI helps each location run like the owner is always onsite.

Unlock the power of cutting-edge AI computer vision for your quick-service restaurant.

Elevate your speed of service and dominate the competition.